About Some Girls


  “Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind.”

— The Rolling Stones


 We're just some girls who love the Stones. And we can play.



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Some Girls is the
all-female Rolling Stones tribute band from Southern California! 

Born of a love of the Rolling Stones that some might call an obsession,  Some Girls is the new project rockin' your favorite venues with the songs you know and  love!  

Some Girls was the dream child of some of the region's most accomplished female rockers. Their first show was in 2022.     

Check out the band bios below and upcoming shows 
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Meet The Band


Chrissy Ras as Chick Jagger     
Becky Coltman as Keef (Keith Richards)     
Ruri Matthews as Bobby Keys, Killer Sax
 Nikki Ishizaka, as Jill Wyman
Sara Embrey as Charlie, Drums

Crystal     background vocals, percussion, keys

Chrissy Ras — Chick Jagger, Vocals

Chrissy is a career musician and a triple threat. Her sultry vocals; musical background in piano, drums, percussion and ukulele; and extensive dance training make her an entertainment powerhouse.

Following years of classical training on piano since age 6, Chrissy entered USC with a talent scholarship and began a career as a professional dancer for many years before discovering her love for the drums.

Chrissy is booking manager for CR Talent, the organization behind the all-female band, Pulp Vixen, tribute projects, Femme Halen and Totally Go-Go's. Chrissy also writes for her original project with Roseann Aldrete. She is the Owner of CR Music School in Corona, California.

Becky Coltman — Keef (Keith Richards)

Ruri Matthews — Bobby Keys, Killer Sax 

Nikki Ishizaka - Jill Wyman

Sara Embrey — Charlie, Drums